News about MONDAY 10.01.10

MONDAY will be going mobile soon and are shooting to be on the road by mid January 2011, and are still developing a name/identity for our truck.  We are looking for a truck and locations/areas to park in, so if any of you/your friends/family have an area or location for us during the week, drop us a line.  We will still be serving lunches at Cafe Yulong on Mondays as long as the space is still available to us.  Also thanks to Tom @ Kalbi BBQ truck for his helpful tips and input on the food truck business.

MONDAY is also working with Cafe Yulong to present a Traditional Chinese Breakfast Menu on the Weekends using Chinese Steamed Buns and stir-fried dishes that reflects a more Traditional Shandong Home-style way of eating.  We will try to start this menu mid October to mid November, and will have more information soon.

When in Seattle please visit our friends at Delancy Pizzeria.  Give a shout out to Brandi!!!  Tell her that Robert and Carol say HI!!!!

As always you can eat on MONDAY at Cafe Yulong during lunches only on Mondays 11:30am-2pm.

Thanks for all of your support and see you all on Monday!!!

MONDAY @ Cafe Yulong
743 W. Dana St.
Mountain View, Ca. 94041
open 11:30am-2pm on Mondays except for holidays