lil’ covered wagon update

After an exhaustive 5 week search we have found our truck.  We saw trucks in all types of condition, from the very ragged to the super nice.  Guess what?  We couldn’t afford the nice ones and didn’t want to get stuck with a broke down truck.  So we looked and looked, finally met a very sweet couple (Adriana and Arturo) that had a very nice modest truck for sale.  It won’t win any races nor will it win any beauty contests, but what it lacks in these categories it makes it up in character.  Yes it’s a used catering truck so there are some battle scars, but with a bit of love it’ll shine and be a proud little truck.  We will have to do a bit of work to it and hope to really being on the road at the latest by Feb. 1st.  We will keep you posted and will have some photos of the truck up soon.