Schedule for 1.14-1.19

Here come’s another packed week!! As we’ve posted earlier, we look forward to Jan. 19th at the Stanford Shopping Center we’ll be working with The Sony Store and The San Francisco 49ers on a meet & greet!! Stay tuned for updates, as we will be promoting the event, with Sony/49ers (giveaways, Sony product specials, autographs & photos from Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, & cheerleaders)!

1.14 MON: Lunch
892 Ross Dr., Sunnyvale, CA.

1.15 TUE: Lunch
755 Page Mill, Palo Alto, CA.

1.16 WED: Lunch
Private Catering

1.17 THUR: Lunch
Raytheon Applied Signal
400 W. California Ave., Sunnyvale, CA

1.18 Fri: Lunch
Private Catering

1.19 SAT: Day Event
Sony/49ers Partnership Event
359 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA., 94303

1.19.2013 Sony Store/SF 49ers’ EVENT

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