Schedule for 2.4-2.10.13 (Chinese New Year's Week)

Happy Chinese New Year’s!!!  It’s the Year of The Snake!!  This week is not a super packed week, so catch us when you can!!  Totally SUCKS the 49ers lost, but it was a great second half!!  Good game and next year looks to be promising!!

2.04 MON: Lunch
Private Catering

2.05 TUES: Lunch
No Service

2.06 WED: Lunch
No Service

2.07 THURS: Lunch 
331 E. Evelyn Ave. Mtn. View CA.

2.08 FRI: Lunch
Private Catering

No Service

2.10 SUN: Lunch
Moveable Feast – Garden City
350 Saratoga, San Jose CA

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