Schedule for 7.07 – 7.13.14

Hope y’all had a great Independence Day, I’m sure some of you are still on break, so I’ll keep this week’s schedule post short and sweet!

Private events all week, we’ll have some public locations next week! Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Schedule for 7.07 – 7.13.14

  1. Lorianne Lee
    July 7, 2014

    WHAT?!  This Friday was supposed to be the 2nd Friday of the month on Zanker.  Doh!  Good thing I had two UFCs in the past two weeks.  I guess that’ll hold me over until next month.  I’m putting in my request for Tonkatsu or tacos far, far in advance.  Got that on your calendar?  Mwah! Lorianne

    • July 7, 2014

      Yes, your correct! We got called away for catering. We’ll be out there soon!